andy, you’re a star // the killers

on the mats with the boys, you think you’re alone
with the pain that you drain from love
in a car with a girl, promise me she’s not your world
'cause, andy, you're a star

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Chris Hemsworth takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!


Potent minimalist art sends a strong message about police and vigilante brutality in America

Journalist and artist Shirin Barghi has created a gripping, thought-provoking series of graphics that not only examines racial prejudice in today’s America, but also captures the sense of humanity that often gets lost in news coverage. Titled “Last Words,” the graphics illustrate the last recorded words by Brown and other young black people — Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and others — who have been killed by police in recent years.

Let us not forget their voices


remember how when janet van dyne came back she kissed hank, thor, steve and tony and it was literally the most perfect thing that has happened


janet van dyne is a role model for all of us

Tom Hiddleston is the latest victim to take up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (and we’d like to thank Nathan Fillion for providing him with the opportunity).

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bucky sneaking up behind steve at random times during the winter when it’s absolutely frigid out and sticking his metal hand up into his shirt just to watch steve jolt upright and make the most ridiculous sound known to man



Captain America 2 : The Winter Soldier | Everybody Wants To Rule The World

…WHOA. now that’s good editing.

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Thor vs. Conan and Conan commissions by Esad Ribic


"Thor in Paris" sketch (2007) by Esad Ribic


"Thor in Paris" sketch (2007) by Esad Ribic